The Southern Pacific had two parallel routes between Eugene, OR and Dunsmuir, CA. The original route was the Siskiyou Line through Ashland as shown on this timetable. The Natron Cutoff through Klamath Falls was completed in 1926; it reduced curves and grades and was 25 miles shorter than the original alignment. Over time, all SP passenger service was shifted to the new line through Klamath. However, through World War II and into the mid-1950's, a rump passenger service was kept running on the old Siskiyou line between Portland and Ashland, called the Rogue River.

From the pages of the Official Guide, April 1955

Southern Pacific Lines herald

The Rogue River

Southern Pacific Lines
January 9, 1955

329 Train Number 330
Daily Miles Services Daily
7 30P Dp 0 Portland, OR (PT) C R Ar 7 25A
F 7 53P 11 Clackamas, OR F 6 51A
8 10P 16 Oregon City, OR C 6 39A
8 26P 24 Canby, OR C 6 24A
F 32 Hubbard, OR F
8 45P 36 Woodburn, OR C 6 04A
F 39 Gervais, OR C F 5 56A
F 44 Brooks, OR F 5 50A
F 48 Chemawa, OR F
9 20P 53 Salem, OR C 5 37A
F 9 32P 60 Turner, OR F 5 08A
F 9 45P 67 Marion, OR F 5 02A
F 72 Jefferson, OR F 4 54A
10 32P 80 Albany, OR C 4 42A
F 86 Tangent, OR F 4 17A
F 92 Shedd, OR F 4 07A
F 97 Halsey, OR C F 3 52A
10 59P 106 Harrisburg, OR C F 3 38A
11 15P 110 Junction City, OR C F
11 42P Ar 124 Eugene, OR C Dp 3 12A
12 01A Dp Ar 2 54A
F12 15A 130 Goshen, OR F 2 40A
F12 23A 136 Creswell, OR F 2 31A
12 50A 145 Cottage Grove, OR C 2 13A
1 28A 162 Drain, OR C F 1 28A
F 1 43A 168 Yoncalla, OR F 1 17A
F 2 12A 182 Oakland, OR F12 48A
F 2 22A 185 Sutherlin, OR C F12 42A
F 2 32A 190 Wilbur, OR F12 31A
3 10A 199 Roseburg, OR C 12 16A
3 35A 209 Dillard, OR F11 38P
4 01A 221 Myrtle Creek, OR C 11 15P
4 15A 227 Riddle, OR C 11 01P
F 5 10A 250 West Fork, OR F10 09P
5 48A 263 Glendale, OR C 9 36P
6 19A 277 Leland, OR F 8 58P
F 289 Merlin, OR F
7 12A 297 Grants Pass, OR C 8 13P
7 28A 306 Rogue River, OR F 7 48P
7 43A 314 Gold Hill, OR C 7 37P
8 05A 326 Central Point, OR 7 16P
8 30A 330 Medford, OR C 7 08P
9 05A Ar 342 Ashland, OR (PT) C Dp 6 30P

Train 329: 31 stops, 13:35, 25.2 MPHTrain 330: 36 stops, 12:55, 26.5 MPH


Train 329—ROGUE RIVER.
Standard Sleeper—
Portland to Ashland (Sections, Bedrooms, Drawing-room).
Portland to Ashland—Minimum meal service.
Chair Cars—
Portland to Ashland. (Pillow service available at nominal charge.)

Tickets Honored—All Classes.

Regularly assigned cars are air-conditioned.


Train 330—ROGUE RIVER.
Standard Sleeper—

Ashland to Portland (Sections, Bedrooms, Drawing-room). Request Pullman space from agent Medford.

Ashland to Portland—Minimum meal service.
Chair Cars—
Ashland to Portland. (Pillow service available at nominal charge.)

Tickets Honored—All classes.

Regularly assigned cars are air-conditioned.

From time to time I do take requests. A frequent visitor to the site, Mr. Wayne Streeter, asked me about passenger service through his hometown of Myrtle Creek, Oregon, which led me to the Rogue River. This is the last timetable I have showing the train; by July of 1956 all passenger service on the Siskiyou line would be terminated and a bus route would substitute for the service formerly provided by the Rogue River.