The Southern Railway initially resisted the move towards streamlining, but after receiving pressure from newspaper editorials in Atlanta and seeing the visible and positive results being reaped by Seaboard, A C L, and L & N, Southern's top management gave in. The initial Southern move into streamlining was with the Tennessean between Washington and Memphis and with the new all-coach Southerner, shown here, which began operation between New York and New Orleans on March 31, 1941.

View the Southern's advertisement for the new Southerner and Tennessean here (PDF, 507K).

From the pages of the Official Guide, December 1941

Pennsylvania RR Keystone heraldSouthern Ry. System herald

The Southerner

Pennsylvania Railroad
Southern Railway System
November 23, 1941

157 Train Number 174(1st)
Daily Miles (Pennsylvania) Services Daily
4 43P Dp 0.0 New York, NY (Penn Station) (ET) C R A Ar 1 50P
R 4 58P 10.0 Newark, NJ C R A D 1 32P
R 5 45P 58.1 Trenton, NJ C R A D12 48P
R 6 15P 85.9 North Philadelphia, PA C A D12 21P
R 6 24P Ar 91.4 Philadelphia, PA (30th St. Sta.) C R A Dp D12 13P
R 6 25P Dp Ar D12 12P
R 6 55P 118.1 Wilmington, DE C A D11 44A
R 7 54P Ar 186.5 Baltimore, MD C R A Dp D10 42A
R 7 55P Dp Ar D10 41A
8 35P Ar 226.6 Washington, DC (Union Sta.) C R A Dp 9 30A
47 Continuing Train Number (Southern) 48
8 50P Dp 226.6 Washington, DC T C Ar 9 30A
9 04P 234.8 Alexandria, VA C 9 13A
11 00P 338.8 Charlottesville, VA T C 7 21A
391.7 Monroe, VA T C 6 15A
12 17A 399.1 Lynchburg, VA T C 6 00A
1 23A Ar 462.4 Danville, VA T C Dp 4 48A
1 32A Dp Ar 4 40A
2 32A 510.7 Greensboro, NC T C 3 45A
2 50A 525.8 High Point, NC T C 3 25A
3 37A 560.3 Salisbury, NC T C 2 45A
4 27A 604.3 Charlotte, NC T C 1 45A
4 52A 625.9 Gastonia, NC T C 1 18A
5 55A 679.2 Spartanburg, SC T C 12 20A
6 35A Ar 710.7 Greenville, SC T C Dp 11 40P
6 40A Dp Ar 11 35P
9 45A Ar 864.1 Atlanta, GA (Terminal Sta.) (ET) T C Dp 8 30P
9 55A Dp Ar 8 20P
11 23A 966.8 Anniston, AL (CT) C 4 47P
12 55P Ar 1031.7 Birmingham, AL T C Dp 3 20P
1 00P Dp Ar 3 15P
2 08P 1087.2 Tuscaloosa, AL T C 2 08P
3 55P Ar 1184.1 Meridian, MS T C Dp 12 20P
4 00P Dp Ar 12 15P
5 07P 1240.8 Laurel, MS T C 11 04A
5 43P 1269.7 Hattiesburg, MS T C 10 30A
7 15P 1351.7 Slidell, LA T C 8 59A
8 15P Ar 1386.3 New Orleans, LA (Terminal Sta.) (CT) T C Dp 8 00A

Train 157-47: 26 stops, 28:32, 48.6 MPHTrain 48-174: 27 stops, 28:50, 48.1 MPH

Note: The northbound Southerner operates as the first section of Train 174, The Colonial. The normal departure time of the Colonial is 10:00 a.m.; the Southerner leaves as soon as its switching is done in Washington.

(Pennsylvania RR Notes)

Coaches on all trains unless otherwise noted. All Trains Air-Conditioned.


No. 157—THE SOUTHERNER (via Southern Ry.).
(De Luxe Coach Train—Reclining Seats—Reserved.)

Streamlined Baggage Coach, Observation Tavern Lounge Car, Coaches and Dining Car...New York to New Orleans.

Coaches...New York to Atlanta.

Coaches on all trains unless otherwise noted. All Trains Air-Conditioned.


No. 1st 174—THE SOUTHERNER (via Southern Ry.).
(De Luxe Coach Train—Reclining Seats Reserved.)

Streamlined Baggage Coach, Observation Tavern Lounge Car, Coaches and Dining Car...New Orleans to New York.

Coach...Atlanta to New York.

(Southern Ry. System Notes)

THE SOUTHERNER. Nos. 47 and 48.
New York-Washington-Atlanta-Birmingham-New Orleans.

Diesel-Powered, Streamlined, Air-Conditioned Coach Train. All seats reserved without additional charge.) (Radio.)