Although the Pan-American would never be officially streamlined, its equipment was upgraded in bits and pieces. This timetable shows the train just after new lightweight sleeping cars (6-section, 6 Roomette, 4 Double Bedroom) had entered service. Steam was definitely on its way out by this time but the railroads were still very much in transition; it is possible that a steamer could be assigned to this train or any of its connections on an occasional basis. One correspondent records seeing steam active in Cincinnati during this time on the B&O, NYC, and of course the N&W.

Earl Henry Jr. of Nashville writes, "I made a round trip between Nashville and Louisville in the mid-1950s. My guess is it was 1954 or 1955, and I would have been either 9 or 10 years old. My mother and I rode coach. The coaches were in the front of the train and there was a dining car in the middle. Coach passengers could not go through the dining car to the sleeping cars. I am unsure if there was another dining car for the Pullman passengers. I think not. There was a lounge car with tables where passengers could play cards or have a snack and soft drink. The lounge car on one train was 'Alabama Club' and on the other train was 'Tennessee Club'. Each of these club cars had a huge mural of the representative state capitol on the forward-facing end of the car. I was never in the car 'Kentucky Club' but would assume it had a similar mural of the Kentucky state capitol. Both trains were pulled by a pair of beautifully decorated E8s in the blue and cream scheme. There was one Pennsy sleeper in the train but I think all the other cars were in L&N blue."

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From the pages of the Official Guide, July 1954

Louisville & Nashville Railroad herald

The Pan-American

Louisville & Nashville Railroad
April 25, 1954

Through Cars To/From New York/Pittsburgh
41 Connecting Train Number (Pennsylvania) 202-32
5 10P Dp 0.0 New York, NY (Penna. Sta.) (ET) C R Ar 4 30P
R 5 25P Dp 10.0 Newark, NJ C R Ar 4 14P
R 6 42P Dp 85.9 North Philadelphia, PA C R Ar 2 59P
1 25A Dp 439.3 Pittsburgh, PA C R Ar 6 50A
5 26A Dp 630.2 Columbus, OH C R Ar 2 00A
8 10A Ar 755.1 Cincinnati, OH (Union Tml.) (ET) C R Dp 11 20P
99 Train Number 98
Daily Miles Services Daily
8 00A Dp 0 Cincinnati, OH (Union Tml.) (CT) C R Ar 8 15P
8 09A 3 Covington, KY C 7 58P
10 43A Baxter Ave. Station (Louisville) C 5 19P
11 10A Ar 114 Louisville, KY C R Dp 5 05P
11 25A Dp Ar 4 50P
F12 18P 156 Elizabethtown, KY (See Note) C F 3 44P
F 1 02P 199 Cave City, KY (Mammoth Cave) C F 2 59P
1 35P Ar 228 Bowling Green, KY C Dp 2 30P
Memphis Section
199 Continuing Train Number 198
1 55P Dp 228 Bowling Green, KY C Ar 2 10P
DF 2 18P 246 Auburn, KY RF 1 46P
F 2 36P 257 Russellville, KY C F 1 33P
DF 2 55P 271 Allensville, KY
3 10P 278 Guthrie, KY C 1 05P
3 29P 291 Clarksville, TN C 12 47P
F 313 Cumberland City, TN (See Note) F
F 4 06P 320 Erin, TN F12 07P
F 337 Bass Bay, TN (Kentucky Lake) F
DF 4 46P 345 Big Sandy, TN RF11 33
5 06P Ar 361 Paris, TN C Dp 11 13A
5 15P Dp Ar 11 03A
F 5 37P 378 McKenzie, TN C F10 42A
F 5 51P 388 Trezevant, TN F10 29A
F 6 03P 398 Milan, TN C F10 17A
F 6 24P 410 Humboldt, TN C F10 02A
F 6 39P 422 Bells, TN F 9 45A
F 6 56P 435 Brownsville, TN C F 9 30A
8 40P Ar 494 Memphis, TN (Union Sta.) (CT) C R Dp 7 55A
New Orleans Section
99 Continuing Train Number 98
1 50P Dp 228 Bowling Green, KY C Ar 2 18P
3 20P Ar 301 Nashville, TN C R Dp 12 45P
3 35P Dp Ar 12 30P
F 4 37P 355 Lewisburg, TN C F11 23A
F 5 37P 408 Athens, AL C F10 26A
5 59P 421 Decatur, AL C 10 07A
F 6 42P 454 Cullman, AL C F 9 20A
7 55P Ar 506 Birmingham, AL C R Dp 8 15A
8 20P Dp Ar 7 55A
10 20P Ar 604 Montgomery, AL C R Dp 5 55A
10 40P Dp Ar 5 35A
DF11 38P 648 Greenville, AL C RF 4 20A
1 30A Ar 722 Flomaton, AL C Dp 2 40A
63 Connecting Train Number 60
4 30A Dp 0 Flomaton, AL C Ar 1 30A
6 30A Ar 44 Pensacola, FL (CT) C R Dp 12 30A
1 50A Dp 722 Flomaton, AL C Ar 2 25A
3 25A Ar 782 Mobile, AL C R Dp 12 55A
3 45A Dp Ar 12 40A
4 34A 822 Pascagoula, MS C F11 43P
838 Ocean Springs, MS C 11 20P
DF 5 02A 842 Biloxi, MS C 11 10P
DF 5 10A 848 Edgewater Park, MS C F10 56P
DF 5 18A 855 Gulfport, MS C 10 48P
859 Long Beach, MS F10 40P
864 Pass Christian, MS C F10 34P
5 43A 870 Bay St. Louis, MS C 10 24P
874 Waveland, MS DF
6 57A Carrollton Ave. Station (New Orleans) 9 10P
7 10A Ar 927 New Orleans, LA (Union Psgr. Tml.) (CT) C R Dp 9 00P

Train 99 (Cincinnati-New Orleans): 22 stops, 23:10, 40.0 MPHTrain 98 (New Orleans-Cincinnati): 25 stops, 23:15, 39.9 MPH

Train 99-199 (Cincinnati-Memphis): 20 stops, 12:40, 39.0 MPHTrain 198-98 (Memphis-Cincinnati): 19 stops, 12:20, 40.1 MPH

NOTE—Elizabethtown is station for Abraham Lincoln National Park, Hodgenville Ky.; reached by taxi service from Elizabethtown.

NOTE—Cave City is railroad station for Mammoth Cave; taxi service from Cave City $2.25 one way, $3.75 round trip.

NOTE for Nos. 199 and 198 at Cumberland City: "Stops Saturday only to receive or discharge revenue passengers for or from Clarksville and scheduled stops beyond."

NOTE: No. 99 operates combined with No. 60, the westbound Gulf Wind, between Flomaton and New Orleans.



No. 99—The Pan-American.

Observation Lounge [420] New York-Cincinnati (2 Drawing-room, 1 Compartment, 1 Double Bedroom) (Bar).

Lounge...[77] Cincinnati-Mobile (10-Sections).

Sleepers...[61] Cincinnati-New Orleans (6-Sections, 6 Roomettes, 4 Double Bedrooms).

[K-417] New York-Nashville (10 Roomettes, 6 Double Bedrooms).

[K-416] New York-Memphis (10 Roomettes, 6 Double Bedrooms).

Diners...New York-Cincinnati.


Guthrie (3:10 p.m.)-Memphis.

Coaches...New York-Cincinnati (Reclining Seats).

Cincinnati-New Orleans (Reclining Seats).

Cincinnati-Memphis (Reclining Seats).


Lounge Coach...New York-Cincinnati (Bar).



No. 98—The Pan-American.

Lounge...[78] Mobile-Cincinnati (10-Sections).

Sleepers...[62] New Orleans-Cincinnati (6-Sections, 6 Roomettes, 4 Double Bedrooms).

[L-98] Louisville to New York (10 Roomettes, 6 Double Bedrooms).

[202] Cincinnati-Pittsburgh (18 Roomettes) (Sleeper open 10:00 p.m.).

[204] Cincinnati-Pittsburgh (10-Sections, 1 Compartment, 2 Double Bedrooms) (Sleeper open 10:00 p.m.).

Dining Cars...Montgomery-Cincinnati.

Memphis-Guthrie (1:05 p.m.).

Pittsburgh-New York.

Coaches...New Orleans-Cincinnati (Reclining Seats).


Memphis-Cincinnati (Reclining Seats).

Cincinnati-Pittsburgh (Reclining Seats).

Pittsburgh-New York (Reclining Seats).