To cater to the well-to-do travelers in the Roaring Twenties, the Louisville & Nashville upgraded the Pan-American with the latest heavyweight sleepers from Pullman and made it an all-Pullman train between Cincinnati and New Orleans (it did carry coaches between Bowling Green and Memphis).

Chuck Peck of the L&N discussion group on Yahoo! groups has generously contributed a scan of an original L. & N. promotional brochure for the Pan-American. At 28 pages (including the covers) and 16 MB in PDF format it is a bit large, but if you have broadband (or a lot of time!) you may download it here. NOTE: For best viewing, right-click and select "Rotate Clockwise" from the menu in Adobe Reader.

Also: View an L. & N. advertisement for the Pan-American from the Official Guide (PDF, 343K)

From the pages of the Official Guide, January 1927

Louisville & Nashville Railroad herald

The Pan-American

Louisville & Nashville Railroad
November 22, 1926

99 Train Number 98
Daily Miles Services Daily
9 05A Dp 0 Cincinnati, OH (CT)
(L. & N. and Penna. Sta.)
T C Ar 8 30P
RF 2 Newport, KY C DF
RF 5 Latonia, KY T DF
12 11P Baxter Ave. Station (Louisville) T 5 21P
12 21P Fourth Ave. Station (Louisville) 5 11P
12 30P Ar 114 Louisville, KY T C Dp 5 05P
12 37P Dp Ar 4 58P
3 16P Ar 227 Bowling Green, KY T C Dp 2 12P
Memphis Section
199 Continuing Train Number 198
3 33P Dp 228 Bowling Green, KY T C Ar 1 50P
4 15P 257 Russellville, KY T C 1 08P
4 44P 278 Guthrie, KY T C 12 40P
5 05P 291 Clarksville, TN T C 12 22P
6 47P Ar 361 Paris, TN T C Dp 10 45A
6 52P Dp Ar 10 40A
F 378 McKenzie, TN T C RF
F 398 Milan, TN T C F
F 410 Humboldt, TN T C F
DF 435 Brownsville, TN T C RF
10 05P Ar 494 Memphis, TN (Calhoun St. Sta.) (CT) T C Dp 7 30A
New Orleans Section
99 Continuing Train Number 98
3 23P Dp 227 Bowling Green, KY T C Ar 2 05P
5 05P Ar 300 Nashville, TN T C Dp 12 19P
5 12P Dp Ar 12 12P
7 55P Ar 421 Decatur, AL T C Dp 9 32A
7 57P Dp Ar 9 30A
10 02P Ar 506 Birmingham, AL T C Dp 7 34A
10 09P Dp Ar 7 27A
12 18A Ar 603 Montgomery, AL T C Dp 5 22A
12 25A Dp Ar 5 15A
3 25A Ar 722 Flomaton, AL T C Dp 2 19A
Through Sleeper Cincinnati-Pensacola
3 Connecting Train Number 134
4 15A Dp 0 Flomaton, AL T C Ar 12 45A
5 50A Ar 44 Pensacola, FL (CT) T C Dp 11 25P
3 32A Dp 722 Flomaton, AL T C Ar 2 12A
5 09A Ar 782 Mobile, AL T C Dp 12 32A
5 16A Dp Ar 12 25A
F 822 Pascagoula, MS T C RF
DF 838 Ocean Springs, MS T C RF
DF 842 Biloxi, MS T C RF
DF 855 Gulfport, MS T C RF
DF 864 Pass Christian, MS T C RF
DF 870 Bay St. Louis, MS T C RF
9 05A Ar 921 New Orleans, LA (Canal St. Sta.) (CT) T C Dp 8 30P

Train 99 (Cincinnati-New Orleans): 10 stops, 24:00, 38.4 MPHTrain 98 (New Orleans-Cincinnati): 10 stops, 24:00, 38.4 MPH

Train 99-199 (Cincinnati-Memphis): 8 stops, 13:00, 38.0 MPHTrain 198-98 (Memphis-Cincinnati): 8 stops, 13:00, 38.0 MPH


All local sleepers leaving after 9:30 p.m. and arriving at destination before 7:00 a.m. are ready for occupancy at 9:30 p.m., and passengers can remain in same at destination until 7:00 a.m.

No. 99—The Pan-American—All-Pullman—No Extra Fare.
(Maid and valet service; shower baths for both men and women; women's lounge room; radio.)

Club Car...Cincinnati to New Orleans.

Sleeping Cars...Cincinnati to New Orleans (Open-Sections, Drawing-Room, Compartment).

Cincinnati to New Orleans.

Cincinnati to Pensacola.

Birmingham to Mobile.

Birmingham to New Orleans.

Parlor Observation Car...Cincinnati to New Orleans. Nashville to Montgomery.

Parlor Cars...Cincinnati to Memphis.

Dining Cars...Cincinnati to New Orleans. Bowling Green to Memphis.

Carries no coaches (except between Bowling Green and Memphis).

No. 98—The Pan-American—All-Pullman—No Extra Fare.
(Maid and valet service; shower baths for both men and women; women's lounge room; radio.)

Club Car...New Orleans to Cincinnati.
Sleeping Cars...New Orleans to Cincinnati.
New Orleans to Birmingham.
New Orleans to Cincinnati (Open-Sections, Drawing-room, Compartment).
Pensacola to Cincinnati.
Mobile to Birmingham.
Parlor Observation Car...New Orleans to Cincinnati.
Parlor Cars...Memphis to Cincinnati. Montgomery to Nashville.
Dining Cars...New Orleans to Cincinnati. Memphis to Bowling Green.
Carries no coaches (except between Memphis and Bowling Green).

The Pan-American's All-Pullman status would last into the early years of the Depression, but by 1933 the handwriting was on the wall and the train would revert to coach-and-Pullman. It would continue in that status up to the eve of Amtrak in 1971.