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Here you will find sample fare tables taken from the Official Guide.  Please note: My tolerance for dealing with long columns of figures in small print is great, but it is not infinite. For the timetables I made the sacrifice so that I could have content which was machine-readable and machine-searchable.  But while someone might very well search on "Vestal, New York", I think it highly unlikely that anyone will want to search on "$54.63". Therefore, what you will find in this section are scans-high resolution (300 dpi) scans in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).  The 2-page ones especially are fairly large; dial-up users, You Have Been Warned.

You should also be aware that fare tables did not appear in the Guide until relatively late in the streamliner period (the earliest I have found was August 1963) and only a handful of railroads ever published them. However, as fares during the streamliner period were very closely regulated by the I.C.C., you can expect the fares on railroads not shown here to be consistent with the ones which were published.

Follow this link (opens in a new window) for information on sleeping car accomodations of the streamliner period.

The Fare Tables:

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway

December, 1964 (662 Kbytes)
April, 1971 (649 Kbytes)
October, 1959: The following files were a gift from a correspondent, Mr. John Perkowski. They are taken from a Santa Fe public timetable from October 1959 and are very detailed. The file sizes are quite large as these were scanned at 600-1200 dpi.
Page 1 - 1.4 Mbytes    Page 2 - 1.5 Mbytes    Page 3 - 1.4 Mbytes    Page 4 (PDF) - 4.1 Mbytes
Page 4 (JPG) - The exact same information but in a much more manageable JPEG file - 702 Kbytes

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad

June, 1967 (3 pages, 1.68 Mbytes)

Baltimore & Ohio (also C. & O.) Railroad

August, 1963 (717 Kbytes)
June, 1967 (658 Kbytes)
April, 1971 (604 Kbytes)

Burlington Northern

April, 1971 (581 Kbytes)

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad

February, 1970 (624 Kbytes)

Delaware and Hudson Railway

June, 1967 (609 Kbytes)
April, 1971 (652 Kbytes)

Illinois Central Railroad

August, 1963 (725 Kbytes)
June, 1967 (679 Kbytes)
April, 1971 (2 pages, 1.29 Mbytes)

Louisville & Nashville Railroad

August, 1963 (548 Kbytes)

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad

August, 1963 (662 Kbytes)

Penn Central

April, 1971 (717 Kbytes)

Pennsylvania Railroad

June, 1967 (693 Kbytes)

Seaboard Air Line Railroad

June, 1967 (715 Kbytes)

Seaboard Coast Line Railroad

April, 1971 (2 pages, 1.30 Mbytes)

Union Pacific

October, 1962—More files from the collection of Mr. John Perkowski, this time from a Union Pacific public timetable.
Page 1 (Fares) - 1.5 Mbytes    Page 2 (Fares) - 1.9 Mbytes    Page 3 (Fares) - 1.8 Mbytes    Page 4 (Fares) - 1.7 Mbytes
Page 5 (Pullman charges) - 1.6 Mbytes    Page 6 (Pullman charges) - 1.6 Mbytes
Fare tables copyright 1963-1971 by National Railway Publication Company. It is believed that the use of this out-of-print material to document the history of the North American passenger train constitutes Fair Use under U.S. copyright law.

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