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As the one-stop shop for passenger transport information in the streamliner era the Official Guide also published sailing schedules for transatlantic passenger liners. This information first appears in the 1920s and continued through 1960. For obvious reasons sailing schedules were not published during the European war and publishing did not resume until early 1950. While there was a consolidated transpacific schedule in the early 1920s it was dropped during the depression years. However, individual steamship lines often published advertisements for their upcoming Pacific sailings and you may find many of them in those documents.

A note about fares: Please note that the fares published here were the minimum fares for the most basic accommodations within each class. If you were to upgrade from a basic cabin to a suite you could find yourself paying much more than the published first class fare.

December, 1925 (Through April 1926)

January, 1927 (Through mid-May)

February 1933 (Through mid-May)

March, 1937 (Through mid-May)

September, 1938 (Through mid-January 1939)

August, 1950 (Through January 1951)

August, 1952 (Through December)

December, 1952 (Through May 1953)

April, 1953 (Through mid-August)

April, 1955 (Through early August)

March, 1957 (Through June)

October, 1958 (Through April 1959)

March, 1960 (Through mid-September)

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