The Maple Leaf as shown here represented the last through rail service between Chicago and Toronto before the coming of Amtrak. When Amtrak took over on May 1, 1971, all passenger service on the Grand Trunk system in the U.S. would be cancelled, although a truncated version of the Maple Leaf would still operate between Toronto and Sarnia, ON.

However, within a few years the State of Michigan would lend its support to rail passenger service within the state, and with state financing service would return on the Chicago-Port Huron route as the Blue Water Limited in the 1970s. In the early 1980s, Amtrak would undertake to resume through service between Chicago and Toronto in a cooperative venture with VIA Rail Canada, with a train to be named the International. This service would operate for over twenty years, but on April 23, 2004 it would be discontinued due in part to concerns about border security in the wake of 9/11. Service would be retained between Chicago and Port Huron under the old name of the Blue Water Limited.

From the pages of the Official Guide, April 1971

Canadian National Rys. heraldGrand Trunk Western logo

The Maple Leaf

Canadian National Railways
Grand Trunk Western
February 1, 1971

159 Train Number 158
Daily Miles (Canadian National) Services Daily
8 00A Dp 0.0 Toronto, ON (ET) C R M Ar 10 55P
R 8 13A 5.1 West Toronto, ON C D10 37P
8 45A 21.3 Brampton, ON C 10 15P
8 58A 29.4 Georgetown, ON C 10 03P
9 26A 48.8 Guelph, ON C 9 34P
9 50A 62.7 Kitchener, ON C R 9 10P
10 17A Ar 88.6 Stratford, ON C R Dp 8 31P
10 20A Dp Ar 8 28P
10 37A 99.7 St. Marys, ON 8 12P
11 05A Ar 121.4 London, ON C R Dp 7 35P
11 10A Dp Ar 7 25P
11 32A 141.4 Strathroy, ON C R 6 57P
12 10P Ar 180.3 Sarnia, ON C R Dp 6 15P
12 15P Dp Ar 5 42P
(Grand Trunk Western)
12 27P Ar 183.4 Port Huron, MI C Dp 5 30P
12 42P Dp Ar 5 05P
F 1 12P 215.3 Imlay City, MI C F 4 21P
1 27P 227.3 Lapeer, MI C 4 09P
1 47P 247.2 Flint, MI C R 3 50P
2 09P 264.0 Durand, MI C 3 17P
F 2 37P 292.6 East Lansing, MI F 2 40P
2 42P 296.4 Lansing, MI C R 2 38P
3 08P 314.9 Charlotte, MI 2 11P
3 37P Ar 340.7 Battle Creek, MI C R Dp 1 45P
3 42P Dp Ar 1 40P
4 07P 365.1 Vicksburg, MI C 1 08P
F 4 27P 381.5 Marcellus, MI C F12 49P
F 4 42P 394.4 Cassopolis, MI C F12 36P
5 05P 417.1 South Bend, IN (ET) C 12 08P
5 02P 461.5 Valparaiso, IN (CT) 10 17A
5 55P 507.0 Chicago Lawn, IL (63rd St.) 9 22A
6 22P Ar 517.4 Chicago, IL (Dearborn Sta.) (CT) C R M Dp 9 00A

Train 159 (Toronto-Chicago): 25 stops, 11:22, 45.5 MPHTrain 158 (Chicago-Toronto): 24 stops, 12:55, 40.1 MPH

Note: Michigan does not observe Daylight Savings Time.  Subtract one hour to obtain local time between April 25-Oct. 30 [1971].

No baggage service Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at Cassopolis, Marcellus, Lapeer and Imlay City


Trains 158 and 159.

Coach and Club Car seats. Meal and Lounge facilities available.