By April of 1971 the bankrupt Penn Central was just going through the motions and the Broadway Limited was only a shadow of its former self. Still, it boasted sleeping car and dining car service all the way...most Penn Central trains had been reduced to "Snack Bar Coaches" for food service if in fact they carried any food service at all. The sleeping cars were company-owned and operated now...the Pullman Company had been placed in liquidation after the end of 1968. Traveler's reports of the period indicate that the equipment was filthy, the service slovenly, the equipment unreliable, schedule keeping a bad joke, and the employees almost uniformly surly. 

From the pages of the Official Guide, April 1971

Penn Central herald

The Broadway Limited

Penn Central
March 3, 1971

49 Train Number 48
Daily Miles Services Daily
4 55P Dp 0 New York, NY (Penna. Sta.) (ET) C R Ar 9 50A
R 5 11P 10 Newark, NJ C R D 9 35A
R 5 55P 58 Trenton, NJ C R D 8 48A
R 6 21P 85 Philadelphia, PA (North Philadelphia Station) C R X D 8 21A
6 53P 111 Paoli, PA C R D 7 48A
7 40P 159 Lancaster, PA C R 7 01A
8 11P Ar 194 Harrisburg, PA C R Dp 6 19A
Broadway Limited Baltimore/Washington Connection
154 Connecting Train Number 131
5 00P Dp 0 Washington, DC (Union Station) (ET) C R Ar 10 20A
5 50P Ar 40 Baltimore, MD (Penn Central Station) C R Dp 9 15A
549 Connecting Train Number 548
5 55P Dp 0.0 Baltimore, MD (Penn Central Station) C R Ar 9 10A
7 30P 56.2 York, PA C R 7 30A
8 10P Ar 83.3 Harrisburg, PA C R Dp 6 40A
8 21P Dp 194 Harrisburg, PA C R Ar 6 19A
10 52P 325 Altoona, PA C 3 51A
11 58P 362 Johnstown, PA C
1 31A 439 Pittsburgh, PA C 1 14A
5 11A 628 Crestline, OH C X 9 39P
6 18A 700 Lima, OH C X 8 30P
7 19A 759 Fort Wayne, IN (ET) C 7 29P
7 57A 864 Valparaiso, IN (CT) X
D 8 17A 882 Gary, IN X 4 41P
D 8 40A 900 Chicago, IL (Englewood Sta) X R 4 18P
8 55A Ar 907 Chicago, IL (Union Sta.) (CT) C Dp 4 05P

Train 49 (New York-Chicago): 15 stops; 17:00; 53.4 MPHTrain 48 (Chicago-New York): 13 stops; 16:45; 54.1 MPH

Train 549 (Baltimore-Harrisburg): 1 stop; 2:15; 37.0 MPHTrain 548 (Harrisburg-Baltimore): 1 stop; 2:30; 33.3 MPH

NOTE for Connection: Connecting trains operate Baltimore-Harrisburg; through passengers from/to Washington change trains in Baltimore and in Harrisburg. On Saturdays westbound connection is from Train No. 152 leaving Washington 4:00 p.m. and on Sundays eastbound connection is to Train No. 133 leaving Baltimore 11:18 a.m. and arriving Washington 12:00 noon.

NOTE: There is no baggage service on these trains (including trains 548 and 549). However, baggage service is available on the Manhattan Limited which runs approximately 1-2 hours ahead of No. 49 and 2-5 hours ahead of No. 48.

NOTE: The through timetables for Chicago-New York service do not show the symbol for "No Checked Baggage" at North Philadelphia, but all other local timetables do. I have indicated "No Checked Baggage" in this timetable, but there is a slight possibility that checked baggage may have been handled on through service to and from Chicago only.

Penn Central Herald    PENN CENTRAL



Lounge Car (Bar)...New York to Chicago. (For First Class and Coach passengers.)

Sleeping Cars...Roomettes and Bedrooms.

New York to Chicago.

Dining Car...New York to Chicago.

Reclining Seat Coaches...New York to Chicago. (All Seats Reserved—Coach Attendant Service.)

(For Special Service Charge in Reserved Seat Coaches. Consult Agents.)

No checked baggage handled on this train.


Lounge Car (Bar)...Chicago to New York. (For First Class and Coach passengers.)

Sleeping Cars...Roomettes and Bedrooms.

Chicago to New York

Dining Car...Chicago to New York.

Reclining Seat Coaches...Chicago to New York. (All Seats Reserved—Coach Attendant Service.)

(For Special Service Charge in Reserved Seat Coaches. Consult Agents.)

No checked baggage handled on this train.

Basically, the Broadway Limited of 1971 had nowhere to go but up. Amtrak would retain it as their primary service between New York, Pittsburgh and Chicago. The Heritage equipment would be rebuilt and modernized in the late 1970s and early 1980s and some new equipment would arrive in the form of the Amfleet coaches and cafe/lounges. Amtrak would eventually cease using the North Philadelphia station with its direct connection to the west, opting instead to pull the train "backwards" from New York past Zoo Interlocking to Philadelphia 30th Street Station, where locomotives would change from one end of the train to the other and then pull the train to the north and back through Zoo again where it would be sent towards Harrisburg and the west. This was the state of affairs when I had my one and only chance to ride the Broadway in 1985...between the modernized equipment and competent management of the Claytor presidency, it was a pleasant trip. The grilled red snapper filet I had for dinner in the diner while rounding Horseshoe Curve still stands out as the best single piece of fish that I can remember. However, Penn Central and later Conrail let the route's track continue to deteriorate, forcing a reroute onto the former Baltimore & Ohio west of Pittsburgh in 1990. To reduce losses, the Broadway Limited would be axed in 1995.