New York to Philadelphia service on the Pennsy in the prewar years was fast and frequent, but somewhat old-fashioned. Reading saw an opportunity to make inroads with a shiny, modern streamliner that would let businessmen enjoy the trip in reclining-seat comfort, perhaps even with a good breakfast or lunch along the way.

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From the pages of the Official Guide, September 1938

Central RR of New Jersey ball heraldReading RR herald

The Crusader

Central Railroad of New Jersey
Reading Railroad
July 17, 1938

607 621 637 Train Number 600 636 614
ExSu See Note ExSaSu Miles (Central Railroad
of New Jersey)
Services See Note ExSaSu ExSu
8 45A 3 45P 4 15P Dp 0.0 New York, NY (ET)
(West 23rd St. Ferry Sta.)
C Ar 8 07A 8 37A 3 02P
9 00A 4 00P 4 30P 0.0 New York, NY (ET)
(Liberty St. Ferry Sta.)
C 7 50A 8 25A 2 50P
9 12A 4 12P 4 42P 1.0 Jersey City, NJ
(Jersey Central Terminal)
C 7 38A 8 13A 2 38P
F 9 27A F 4 27P 12.5 Elizabeth, NJ C F 2 22P
F 9 40A 24.0 Plainfield, NJ C F 2 10P
N N N Ar 31.2 Bound Brook, NJ C Dp N N N
(Reading Railroad)
N N N Dp 31.2 Bound Brook, NJ T Ar N N N
4 57P 41.0 Belle Mead, NJ T C 6 55A
10 12A 5 14P 58.4 West Trenton, NJ T C 6 39A 1 39P
10 31A 5 35P 5 57P 80.4 Jenkintown, PA (Wyncote) T C 6 19A 6 59A 1 19P
5 38P 82.0 Elkins Park, PA C
10 39A 5 44P 6 05P 86.1 Wayne Junction, PA T C 6 11A 6 51A 1 11P
10 43A 5 48P 6 09P 88.3 Philadelphia, PA
(North Broad St.)
C 6 06A 6 46A 1 06P
10 50A 5 55P 6 15P Ar 91.2 Philadelphia, PA (ET)
(Reading Tml.)
T C Dp 6 00A 6 40A 1 00P

Train 607 (New York-Philadelphia): 7 stops, 1:50, 49.7 MPHTrain 636 (Philadelphia-New York): 4 stops, 1:45, 52.1 MPH

Train 637 (New York-Philadelphia): 4 stops, 1:45, 52.1 MPHTrain 614 (Philadelphia-New York); 7 stops, 1:50, 49.7 MPH

Train 621 (New York-Philadelphia): 8 stops, 1:55, 47.6 MPHTrain 600 (Philadelphia-New York): 6 stops, 1:50, 49.7 MPH

NOTE: Train 636 does not operate on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays. On Saturdays the Crusader will be operated on the schedule of the Seven O'Klocker (Train 600) [which operates with non-streamlined equipment Mon-Fri].

NOTE: Trains 607 and 614 do not operate on Sundays or Holidays.

NOTE: The Crusader is not scheduled to stop at Bound Brook northbound or southbound; station point is shown for schedule clarity.

NOTE: Train 637 does not operate on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. On Saturdays the Crusader will be operated on the schedule of Train 621 [which operates with non-streamlined equipment Mon-Fri].

NOTE: Station stops and average speed have been computed between the Liberty St. Ferry Terminal in New York and the Reading Terminal in Philadelphia.

(Reading Company Notes)


Reclining Chair Cars with Smoking Lounges.
Dining Car with Cocktail Lounge.
Rear Car with Observation Lounge.
All cars completely Air-Conditioned.
Exterior of Gleaming Stainless Steel.
Interiors in harmonious colorings.
Efficient and brilliant lighting system.
Wide vision shatterproof glass windows.
Passengers are entitled to any of the train's seating accommodations. No extra fare of any kind is charged.

(Central of New Jersey Notes - None)