Through the timetable for June 1969, the South Wind continued to provide through service from Chicago to Florida. However, by February of 1970 the Penn Central had pulled out of the joint operating agreement for the train, leaving L. & N. and S. C. L. to continue it on their own. While Penn Central did not discontinue service completely, the train's run was now split and Chicago passengers had to transfer from Penn Central's train 90 to the South Wind in Louisville. This manner of operation would continue up until the transfer of passenger service to Amtrak in May 1971.

From the pages of the Official Guide, April 1971

Louisville & Nashville RR herald Seaboard Coast Line RR herald

The South Wind

Louisville & Nashville Railroad
Seaboard Coast Line Railroad
December 10, 1970

90 Connecting Train Number (Penn Central) 93
8 00A Dp 0 Chicago, IL (CT) C R Ar 8 00P
R 8 14A 7 Englewood, IL (CT) R X
11 27A 117 Logansport, IN (ET) C 6 30P
F12 12P 154 Frankfort, IN X F 5 45P
1 17P 202 Indianapolis, IN R 4 50P
F2 05P 243 Columbus, IN X F 3 50P
F2 25P 261 Seymour, IN X F 3 27P
3 55P Ar 313 Louisville, KY (ET) R Dp 2 20P
9 Connecting Train Number (Louisville & Nashville) 8
12 20P Dp 0 Cincinnati, OH (ET) Ar 5 35P
3 35P Ar 114 Louisville, KY (ET) Dp 2 25P
15 Train Number 16
See Note Miles (Louisville & Nashville) Services See Note
4 05P Dp 0 Louisville, KY (ET) C R Ar 2 00P
5 19P 114 Bowling Green, KY (CT) R X 10 39A
7 00P Ar 187 Nashville, TN C R Dp 9 10A
7 20P Dp Ar 8 50A
9 27P 307 Decatur, AL R X 6 21A
11 15P Ar 392 Birmingham, AL C R Dp 4 35A
11 30P Dp Ar 4 15A
1 30A Ar 490 Montgomery, AL C R Dp 2 10A
12 Continuing Train Number (Seaboard Coast Line) 11
1 35A Dp 490.0 Montgomery, AL C R Ar 1 35A
2 30A 541.4 Troy, AL C 12 09A
3 18A 581.7 Ozark, AL (Fort Rucker) C 11 21P
3 54A 609.0 Dothan, AL (CT) C 10 48P
5 56A 664.3 Bainbridge, GA (ET) C 10 39P
6 45A Ar 700.5 Thomasville, GA C Dp 10 00P
6 50A Dp Ar 9 55P
7 35A 743.9 Valdosta, GA C 8 58P
8 39A Ar 803.2 Waycross, GA (Oklahoma Ave.) C Dp 7 50P
5 Continuing Train Number 6
8 50A Dp 803.2 Waycross, GA (Oklahoma Ave.) C Ar 7 45P
10 25A Ar 879.9 Jacksonville, FL C R Dp 6 30P
10 50A Dp Ar 6 05P
12 34P 987.1 De Land, FL (Daytona Beach) C 3 55P
12 55P 1004.2 Sanford, FL C R 3 30P
1 35P 1026.5 Orlando, FL C R 2 50P
F 2 50P 1071.9 Winter Haven, FL C F 1 25P
F 3 00P 1081.6 West Lake Wales, FL C F 1 15P
F 3 18P 1104.3 Avon Park, FL C F12 55P
F 3 28P 1113.3 Sebring, FL C F12 45P
F 4 00P 1154.8 Okeechobee, FL C F12 11P
5 05P 1226.4 West Palm Beach, FL C R 11 20A
F 5 15P 1222.6 Lake Worth, FL C F11 03A
F 5 27P 1244.0 Delray Beach, FL C R F10 53A
F 5 40P 1254.8 Deerfield Beach, FL (Boca Raton) C F10 44A
6 10P 1268.8 Fort Lauderdale, FL C R 10 30A
6 35P 1276.2 Hollywood, FL C 10 10A
F 7 00P 1282.5 Hialeah, FL (International Airport) C F 9 55A
7 30P Ar 1296.5 Miami, FL (ET) C R Dp 9 45A
St. Petersburg Section
93 Continuing Train Number 94
10 45A Dp 879.9 Jacksonville, FL C R Ar 4 35P
12 35P 964.8 Gainesville, FL C R 2 35P
1 25P 1006.3 Ocala, FL (Union Station) C R 1 40P
2 20P 1040.3 Leesburg, FL C 12 50P
3 25P 1079.5 Trilby, FL C 11 55A
D 3 40P 1090.7 San Antonio, FL C R11 37A
D 4 19P 1123.6 Tarpon Springs, FL C R R10 55A
D 4 34P 1133.9 Dunedin, FL C R R10 35A
4 42P 1137.2 Clearwater, FL (Belleview-Biltmore Hotel) C R 10 25A
5 25P Ar 1154.9 St. Petersburg, FL (ET) (Tampa, Sarasota via bus) C R Dp 10 05A

Train 15-12-5: 27 stops, 27:25, 47.3 MPHTrain 15-12-5-93: 21 stops, 25:20, 45.6 MPH

Train 6-11-16: 27 stops, 28:15, 45.9 MPHTrain 94-6-11-16: 21 stops, 27:55, 41.4 MPH

Note:  The South Wind operates April 1, 1971 and every other day thereafter (April 3, 5, 7, etc.) departing from both Louisville and Miami.  The City of Miami (Chicago to Florida via Jackson, TN and Birmingham - I.C., C. of G., S.C.L.) operates on the same schedule between Waycross, GA and both Miami and St. Petersburg on the days the South Wind does not operate.  Therefore, there is daily service between Waycross, GA and Miami/St. Petersburg, and every other day service between Louisville and Waycross, GA via Louisville and Nashville.

Note: The South Wind operates combined with the Pan-American between Louisville and Montgomery, AL.

(Penn Central Notes)

Dates of Operation

PC 90—Runs from Chicago ODD dates during April [1971].
PC 93—Runs from Louisville EVEN dates during April [1971].

Provides connecting service at Louisville to and from Florida points via Louisville and Nashville and Seaboard Coast Line.

(Louisville & Nashville Notes)

The South Wind via Montgomery
Connecting service from Cincinnati via Louisville to Florida

Streamlined Coach-Pullman Train.
Operates Every Other Day.

April 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29 and every other day.

Sleepers...[SW-93] Louisville-Miami (10 Roomettes, 6 Double Bedrooms).




Grill Car...Jacksonville-St. Petersburg.

Coaches...Chicago-Louisville. (Reclining Seats NOT Reserved.)

[SW-3] Louisville-Miami. All Seats Reserved.

[SW-1] Louisville-St. Petersburg. All Seats Reserved.

Special Service Charge for Coach Passengers - Minimum $1.00 - Maximum $2.00

Coach Attendants

(Seaboard Coast Line Notes)


April 1 and every other day (odd dates).

Baggage Cars...Chicago-Louisville.



Jacksonville-St. Petersburg.

Coaches (Two)...Chicago-Louisville (Reclining Seats not Reserved).

Coach-Buffet-Lounge...Chicago-Louisville (Reclining Seats not Reserved).

Sleeper...[SW-93] Louisville-Miami—10 Roomettes, 6 Double Bedrooms.

Coaches...[SW-3] Louisville-Miami—(Reclining, Reserved Seats).

[SW-1] Louisville-St. Petersburg (Reclining, Reserved Seats).



Tavern-Coach...Jacksonville-St. Petersburg (Sandwich-Beverage service).

Coach Attendants.

Note B—Special service charge to or from most I. C. stations $3.00; to or from most L. & N. or C. of G. stations $2.00 (consult agent for exceptions); between S. C. L. stations $1.00 where one-way coach fare is $9.28 or more, 50c. otherwise. Not applicable intrastate in Georgia or Florida.

Effective May 1, 1971 the South Wind would become a daily train for the first time in its history and through service to Chicago would resume as Amtrak consolidated all passenger service from Florida to the Midwest on this route. However, the service would only last for slightly more than 8 years. Bedeviled with poor timekeeping, in large part the result of deteriorating track conditions due to deferred maintenance, the Floridian (as Amtrak renamed it) would be discontinued with the Carter cutbacks in 1979.