My maternal grandmother never did learn how to operate an automobile; the hijinks which ensued when my mother attempted to teach her in the late 1950s are still a source of much amusement in our family. Still, as the wife of a railroad man with two young children she did occasionally have the need for products and services which could not be satisfied in the small railroad town of Dupo,, I would imagine, an occasional need to just get away. She used to tell me stories of riding in to St. Louis for a day's shopping on a train that the other railroad families unofficially called "The Chippy". Now, it is very possible that the actual "Chippy" was a third-class train operated by the railroad for the benefit of employees, pass holders and their families which was not listed in the Official Guide. However, if it was a listed train then this motor-car service between Marion, Illinois and St. Louis is the only entry which fits her description. Enjoy.

From the pages of the Official Guide, December 1949

Missouri Pacific Lines herald

The "Chippy"

Missouri Pacific Lines
September 14, 1947

335 Train Number 336
Daily Miles Services Daily
6 15P Dp 0.0 St. Louis, MO (Union Sta.) (CT) C R Ar 11 25A
6 38P 13.6 Dupo, IL 10 59A
F 6 51P 22.6 Warnock, IL F10 40A
F 6 55P 25.0 Fountain, IL F10 35A
7 05P 30.1 Valmeyer, IL 10 26A
7 15P 35.5 Maeystown, IL 10 15A
7 25P 41.1 Fults, IL 10 06A
7 31P 44.7 Renault, IL 9 59A
7 40P 49.2 Prairie du Rocher, IL 9 51A
7 47P 53.2 Modoc, IL 9 43A
F 7 53P 56.7 Flinton, IL F 9 37A
8 01P 61.6 Reily Lake, IL 9 29A
F 63.4 Fort Gage, IL F
8 11P 68.1 Menard, IL 9 17A
8 18P 69.1 Chester, IL C 9 14A
F 8 30P 78.0 Rockwood, IL F 8 59A
8 33P 79.2 Cora, IL 8 57A
F 8 43P 84.7 Raddle, IL F 8 46A
8 49P 88.4 Jacob, IL 8 40A
8 55P Ar 91.7 Gorham, IL 8 33A
9 00P Dp
F 9 06P 94.0 Grimsby, IL F 8 25A
9 20P 101.7 Murphysboro, IL C 8 16A
F 9 24P 104.0 Harrison, IL F 8 06A
F 9 34P 110.1 De Soto, IL F 7 57A
9 44P 115.7 Bush, IL 7 49A
F 9 51P 119.5 Clifford, IL F 7 41A
9 58P 122.5 Herrin, IL 7 35A
10 16P 129.8 Johnston City, IL 7 17A
10 45P Ar 135.0 Marion, IL (CT) Dp 7 00A

Train 335 (St. Louis-Marion): 26 stops; 4:30; 30.0 MPHTrain 336 (Marion-St. Louis): 26 stops; 4:25; 30.6 MPH

Motor Train Service

The "Chippy", at least this service which was listed, had held on throughout the depression and the war years. However, by the end of the 1940s railroad wives who could not drive a car became a category of customers not common enough to cater to. The "Chippy" would be gone from the Official Guide by the middle of 1950.