Mark Smith, "The Man in Seat 61," describes the Orient Express (in its latter days) as perhaps "...the ultimate example of a knife that's had its blade and its handle replaced many times," but notes that even so it could still trace its history directly to its Wagons-Lits predecessor of 1883. By the time of the 21st century through service to Istanbul had long ended, and in the summer of 2001 the train would lose its through service from Paris to Budapest and Bucharest. As France continued to expand its TGV network, the historic Paris terminus of the Orient Express would be displaced to Strasbourg in June of 2007. Still, one could travel from Paris to Vienna overnight by taking the TGV to Strasbourg and connecting with the EuroNight train which still carried the proud name of the Orient Express. However, after the final departure on December 12, 2009 the train was struck from the timetable and the remarkable 126-year run of the Orient Express would come to an end.

From the pages of the Thomas Cook European Timetable, Summer 2009

The Orient Express

A EuroNight Express

Austrian Railways
June 14, 2009

9217Connecting Train Number (TGV) (See note)9210
5 54PDp00Paris (Est) (CET)Ar11 34A
8 11PAr450280Strasbourg (CET)Dp9 15A
469 Train Number 468
Daily Km Miles Services Daily
8 37P Dp 0 0 Strasbourg (CET) Ar 8 59A
8 50P 8 5 Kehl I 8 46A
9 18P 53 33 Baden Baden 8 19A
9 41P Ar 84 52 Karlsruhe (Hbf.) Dp 7 54A
9 56P Dp Ar 7 49A
10 19P 110 68 Pforzheim 7 22A
10 57P Ar 170 106 Stuttgart (Hbf.) Dp 6 38A
11 07P Dp Ar 6 30A
12 11A 264 164 Ulm (Hbf.) 5 19A
3 13A Ar 586 364 Salzburg (Hbf.) I Dp 2 10A
3 16A Dp Ar 1 55A
4 33A Ar 711 442 Linz (Hbf.) Dp 12 38A
4 36A Dp Ar 12 35A
5 12A 773 480 Amstetten 12 00A
5 47A 833 518 St. Pölten (Hbf.) 11 25P
6 40A Ar 894 556 Wien (Westbanhof) (CET) Dp 10 40P

Train 469 (Strasbourg-Wien): 10 stops, 10:03, 55.3 MPHTrain 468 (Wien-Strasbourg): 10 stops, 10:19, 53.9 MPH

NOTE: Mileages in this timetable are computed from kilometers shown in the original and have been rounded to the nearest mile.

NOTE: Connecting train 9210 operates Monday-Saturday; on Sundays connection is to train 9212 (same operating times).

Nos. 468 & 469—Orient Express
Sleeping Car (1st and 2nd Class)—Strasbourg-Wien and vice versa.
Couchette Sleeper (2nd Class)—Strasbourg-Wien and vice versa.
Through Chair Car (2nd Class)—Strasbourg-Wien and vice versa.
Snacks and drinks available on board.